Innovation, Development; Re-innovation and Further Development

Dalian Special Gas has always been adhering to the concept of continuous innovation and development, striving to place itself in the research and development of high purity gas, calibration gas and industrial gas mixture. With multitudinous customers, its products are widely used in petrochemical industry, coal chemical industry, metallurgy, electronics, scientific research, environmental protection, medical treatment and so on. Meanwhile DSG has also been working closely with domestic and foreign research and educational institutions, it will make unremitting efforts to better the quality of products, to constantly develop new products to fill the blank in China. DSG will also be actively involved in the preparation, revision and verification of national gas standards on gas.

Dalian Special Gas will definitely become the most respectable company in China’s gas industry.

Through continual focus and input on human resources, project research, product development and concerns on production areas, DSG will grow its influence in gas field in China. Taking honesty and credit first, DSG keeps to an even higher standard to abide by commercial integrity, ethics and codes of conduct, to continuously pursuit of excellence, to strive to be a model for gas industry. Dalian Special Gas is a trustworthy enterprise, since it provides customers with stable and reliable products at the same time also provides perfect information and intimate service.

Dalian Special Gas is willing to work with other enterprises to commit to the development of China’s gas industry, also will let these enterprises be full of respect to DSG, because DSG has the ability to make each new product as leading in its area of expertise. Meanwhile succeed, DSG always maintains the highest standards of professionalism and product quality

Development will be a never-ending process, Dalian Special Gas will work together with friends to create a better future.