Dalian Special Gases (Baotou) Co., Ltd was established on 23rd Jan.2013. Today, it has developed into a set of production, analysis, transportation in one of the mature gas enterprises. It has many sets of gas production equipment, several sets of analysis instruments, many vehicles for transportation. Baotou branch adhering to the integrity of the head office for the purpose of business, customer requirements; The company personnel also take the virtue primarily, the moral character is exalted as the highest standard that evaluates an employee.

In the past seven years, Baotou branch has developed from a team of 3 people to a team of nearly 30 people, and its annual output value has increased by more than 50%. Baotou branch in the northwest region has been recognized by many well-known enterprises, further enhance the visibility, and gradually becomes one of the top two gas manufacturing enterprises in the northwest region. Baotou branch will increase the production area of 18 acres of construction land, for the expansion of personnel, the introduction of equipment and the promotion of technology reserves to do the preparatory work, also indicates that in the future Baotou branch  in the northwest region will be more important.

Contact Points:

Add / Room 1502, Block C, Times Square, Huanghe Street, High-tech Zone, Baotou City, Inner Mongolia
Tel / +86 0472 5359892
Fax / +86 0472 5359892
E-mail / yuyj@dl-gas.com