Dalian Special Gases (Guangdong) Co. Ltd was established in Jan.2015. It is a comprehensive gas company integrating industrial gas, high purity gas and specialty gas production, sales, analysis, gas research and training. More than 90% of the staff are professionals in the chemical industry.  With many sets of gas production equipment, international high-end gas analysis equipment, it can provide customers with professional technical support and consulting services, while the Guangdong branch also provides end customers with product analysis services, for customers quality control and product development to do a strong support.

In order to continue the concept of contribution to the society, Guangdong branch has cooperated with Guangdong Industrial Gas Association and a number of training institutions to provide skills training services. Guangdong branch in gas research projects is also gradually strengthening, set up a number of groups to undertake various research projects, in the south China area has been well received by the industry and the community.

Contact Points:

Add / Dawanggangshan,Xizhou,Xintang Town,Guangzhou City,Guangdong province
Tel / 18620611958
E-mail / xiehl@dl-gas.com