Dalian Special Gases (Shanghai) Co., Ltd, established in August 2016, is located in Songjiang district of Shanghai, sales for HP gas, calibration gas, all kinds of gas mixture, rare gas and spare parts, pipeline projects.  Its products are widely used in the major petrochemical, metallurgical, electrical, automotive lamp production, scientific research, environmental protection, medical and other industries. Shanghai branch in line with the “innovation, development; re-innovation and further development” concept, pursuit of perfect business philosophy and satisfactory service, to provide users with cost-effective world-class product.

Contact Points:

Add / Room 608, No.35 Lane 800, Meijiabang Road, Songjiang District, Shanghai
Tel / +86 021 57778006
Fax / +86 021 57776058
E-mail / yangcy@dl-gas.com