Reference Reagent

Liquid reference material is available upon customers’ request ( spec. 2ml5ml10ml):

BZSJ001 RM of xylene

BZSJ002RM of MTBE purity

BZSJ003RM of diesters

BZSJ004mixture of benzene


BZSJ006mixture of cyclohexane

BZSJ007RM of Etherification

BZSJ008mixture for toluene purity   analysis

BZSJ009Liquid of C9

BZSJ010liquid of aromatics mixture

BZSJ011RM of MEG purity

BZSJ012RM of DEG purity

BZSJ013RM of TEG purity

BZSJ014RM of 2-Butanone

BZSJ015Liquid of C5 mixture 

BZSJ016liquid of 1-Hexene purity

BZSJ017RM of styrene purity

BZSJ018RM of ethylbenzene purity

BZSJ019liquid of Acetonitrile purity

BZSJ020liquid of acrylonitrile purity