Industrial Gas Mixture

1、Gas Mixture for Laser
Using CO 99.999%, CO2 99.999% and hydrogen 99.999%,   HP nitrogen, HP helium and other high purity gases, according to the   proportion of laser generator requirements prepared the premix gas. The purity   of the gas in the laser mixture directly affects the performance of the   laser, especially the impurities such as oxygen, water and hydrocarbon in the   gas, which will lead to the loss of the laser output power on the mirror   (surface) and electrode, and also cause the instability of laser emission.   Therefore, there are special requirements on the purity of laser mixture   components, and the cylinder must be dried before filling to prevent   contamination. Auxiliary laser gas required for different gas: Oxygen is good   for steel structure. When oxygen is used as the processing gas, the cutting   edge is slightly oxidized. For plates up to 4mm thickness, nitrogen can be   used as a processing gas for high-pressure cutting, in this condition, the   cutting edge can’ t be oxidized. For plates up to 10mm thickness, better   results can be obtained by using special pole plate for laser machine and   coating the cutting plate surface with oil. Cutting stainless steel, if there   is no requirements on cutting edge, oxygen can be used; if using nitrogen,   cutting edges will be free of oxidation and burrs, so need no more treatment.   Coating oil film on the surface of the plate will get better perforation   effect without reducing the processing quality. Although aluminum material   has high reflectivity and thermal conductivity, thickness below 6mm can be   cut which depends on the alloy type and laser capability. When cutting with   oxygen, the cutting surface is rough and hard; When cutting with nitrogen the   cutting surface is smooth. Pure aluminum is very difficult to cut because of   its high purity and should only be cut if a "reflection-absorption"   device is installed on the system. Titanium plates are cut with argon and   nitrogen as the processing gas. Both copper and brass material have high   reflectivity and excellent thermal conductivity, thickness below 1mm can be   cut with nitrogen; Brass plate with thickness below 2mm can be cutbut gas must be   oxygen. Copper and brass should only be cut if the system is equipped with a   "reflection and absorption" device, otherwise the reflection will   destroy the optical component.

、Gas Mixture   for Welding
Gas shielded welding is a new welding   process developed on the basis of the extensive application of manual arc   welding and submerged arc welding. Currently it mainly classified into   two-component type, Ar-HeAr-N2Ar-H2Ar-O2 Ar-CO2CO2-O2N2-H2; three-component type Ar-He-CO2Ar-He-N2 Ar-He-O2Ar-O2-CO and four-component   type, mainly including ArHeH2O2 N2CO2. As for detailed concentration, it will depend on welding   process, welding material, welding wire model. Generally speaking, the higher   the requirement for weld quality, the higher the requirement for the purity   of each gas of the mixture. In the European and American countries, purity   for ArH2N2 is 99.999, He 99.996%,CO2 99.99. impurity H2O shall less than 10mgm3.

、High Pressure   Gas Mixture
 The   pressure can achieve 40Mpa. It consists of N2, Ar, H2, Air, CH4. It can be   used for research for high pressure reaction.

、Food   Preservation Gas Mixture
A gas mixture used to preserve meat,   fruits, vegetables, and grains, has many kinds. Normally it blends CO2, N2   and O2 together. Although CO2 has no bactericidal effect on bacteria, it can   inhibit the development of filamentous bacteria (mould) and fungicidal   bacteria, N2 acts as an antioxidant and prevents bacteria from developing, O2   oxidizes vitamins and fats. Fresh food, fish and shellfish are active, theyconsums   oxygen all the time, if absence of oxygen, the myoglobin of the muscle   pigment is reduced to a dark color. That means food cannot keep fresh without   oxygen. If mixture gas added with small amount of ethylene oxide, can enhance   the killing ability of bacteria.

、Electric   Light Source Gas Mixture
It is mainly used as incandescent lamp, special light   source lamp, such as infrared lamp, strong overflow lamp, fluorescent lamp,   luminous signal, solar lamp, ozone lamp, photochemical lamp, sterilization   lamp, ultraviolet lamp, glow lamp, zirconium arc lamp, halogen gas lamp, etc.   and LED filling gas, can be classified into rare gas mixture, halogen compounds   mixture, deuterium  mixture and argon   mixture. To extend the lamp service life, during production, the raw gas   purity shall be not less than 99.99%, and to control strictly on impurity   level, normally, water and oxygen shall be less than 2ppm.

、Medical and   biological research Gas Mixture

Gas mixture for clinical medicine, health   and epidemic prevention, medical and biological research and other fields,   can be used such as lung function study, clinical blood gas analysis, brain   circulation measurement, surgical laser, biological atmosphere and tissue   equivalent gas mixture.

、Disinfection   and Sterilization Gas Mixture
Disinfection and sterilization gas mixture is widely   used in medical equipment, cosmetics and cultural supplies, as well as   packaging and transportation. this kind of mixture gas has the advantages of   strong penetration sterilization, economical sterilization equipment, simple   operation and no corrosion to metal, etc. The main principle of sterilization   is to use alkylation to inert the essential life-sustaining substances in   microbiological tissues, mostly like EO mixed with CO2.  The work effect   is related to the content, temperature, humidity, time and pressure of each   component.

、Leakage Detection   Gas Mixture
All kinds of gas mixture for leakage detection, can   be customized.