The film sampling bag is composed of polymer film and aluminum foil which is characterized by stable chemical properties, simple operation and light weight. It can store all kinds of gases from PPM level to percentage in a long time It is a good assistant for analysis.

Spec. of sampling bag: single-metal joint, double-metal joint, straight stem single switch valve, straight stem double switch valve, L-type, and volume of 0.5L、1L、2L、5L、10L or customized.


1) To operate via valve, clockwise rotation to close condition, counterclockwise rotation to open condition. Valve can only be fully open or fully closed, it can not adjust gas flow.

2) Before use, let it purged by sampling gas or inert gas firstly.

3) Filling pressure do not above3000pa, visual observation when the bag fully inflated, but with finger touch is not very tigh, then it is ok.

4) Utilization temperature: -30℃~+50℃;

5) Keep away from open flame and high temperature when storing and using. Do not touch with hard material, so as not to puncture the membrane material.

6) Connection with other equipment/ instruments shall use flexible rubber hose as a transition.

7) Double switch valve can be used as one in and one out, which will be easy to clean the bag.

8) If sampling gas is of corrosive, FVF material bag shall be used.

1、 Application

This is used for sample taken from calibration gas cylinder.

2、 Medium

Corrosive gas : NH3, NO,H2S, SO2



4、 How to use

1、The sampling valve handle is closed when rotating in turn and open when rotating counterclockwise.

2、To connect inlet nut with cylinder, to fasten it avoiding and leakage.

3、 When in use, first the sampling valve shall be in the closed position, then open the cylinder valve, and open the sampling valve slowly to the required folw.

4、After then, should first close the cylinder valve. Do not close the sampling valve too tightly.