Design for Lab

A professional project team is engaged in laboratory construction, laboratory transformation and laboratory certification. According to customers’ demands, to provide the most practical, cost-effective design scheme.

Gas Purification

To provide service on gas purification, design for gas purification equipment as well.

Gas Filling System

Dalian Special Gases Co. Ltd provides total solutions for gas filling system, from cylinder treatment, gas filling manifolds, heating and rolling procedures for HP gas, toxic gas, mixture gas and calibration gas.

Gas Supply System

Dalian Special Gases Co. Ltd provides equipment with automatic switching and uninterrupted gas supply. As customers’ requirements on gas flow, pressure, and degree of automation, DSG will customize gas supply system which is widely used in laboratories, semiconductor packaging testing, power plants, float glass, optical fiber, automotive parts manufacturing and chemical industries.

Centralized gas supply system

Centralized gas supply system enables gas supply uninterruptable, to reduce transportation time for cylinders, to save space. DSG has many years of professional experience in this field, can customize total solutions.

DSG can provide a whole set of centralized gas supply system from gas blending equipment, pressure reducing station, to gas filling point.