Sincere upholding the policy of “Innovation, Development; Re-innovation and Further Development” Dalian Special Gas keeps working on research and develop of high pure gas, calibration gas and industrial gas mixture. It has become the forefront of domestic special gas suppliers.

Up to now, we have developed a number of new products to fill the gap in domestic market, such as liquefied high pressure calibration gas, trace sulfide, Cl2, NH3, arsine, phosphine, methyl alcohol, etc. since 2013, DSG started to research VOCs calibration gas (Volatile Organic Compounds, including TO14, TO15, PAMS), and in 2014, it made a great breakthrough. Now our VOCs calibration gas has been on-trial by several environmental monitoring stations and enterprises, plan to apply for certificate of national secondary reference material.

The self-developed auto- gas filling system has also made encouraging progress. At present, a series of research and development projects are under way, for instance, gas mixture reference material for petrochemical industry, electric power research, and partial pressure technology for gas filling equipment.